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Homeowner Guidelines

During the re-roofing of your home, you will be living in a “construction zone.”  We realize this can be an inconvenience, so we have compiled the following list to assist you.

Before Construction Begins:

  1. Remove hanging objects or pictures from walls, and any breakable objects from shelves as they may fall due to vibrations caused by movement on the roof.
  2. We are not responsible for satellite signals after your roofing construction.  We will remove and replace the satellite dish; however, it may be necessary for you to contact your satellite provider to come out and make some minor adjustments after construction.
  3. Keep small children and pets inside or away from the work area at all times.
  4. Cover pools, hot tubs, ponds or other water features that could be affected by falling debris.
  5. Park vehicles away from the house and out of the driveway.
  6. Move all outdoor potted plants inside or away from the house.
  7. Move outdoor lawn furniture away from the work area.
  8. Do not run your sprinkler the night before or during construction.
  9. Cover objects in attic and garage.
  10. Please provide access to your driveway (this is necessary for our supplier to load shingles onto your roof, and for the roofing crew to load tear-off waste into our dump truck so that it can be hauled away).

During Construction:

  1. The roofing crew will need to be provided with an outside source of electricity and water.
  2. Temporarily there will be nails and debris around your house and in your driveway.  Please walk carefully and do not drive on your driveway during construction.
  3. When entering or leaving your home, please exercise caution.  Debris and other objects may fall from your roof.

After Construction:

  1. Check to make sure all gates are closed before letting pets outside.
  2. Watch for overlooked nails.
  3. If applicable, leave permits posted until the City or County does the final inspection.

ACE always practices safety first, but even under the best of circumstances, mishaps can occur.  Please notify our office or your Project Manager immediately if you experience any problems during construction.

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